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Sparling Kites Show Kites


There is something special about a show kite. To start with its big, really, really big. It attracts immediate attention, from the time it goes up, until it comes down for the night.

{Octopus and Trilobite}

Sparling Kite Entertainment has two full size Peter Lynn Show Kites. An Octopus, which is 88 feet long and a Trilobite which is 90 feet long.

{Largest barrel in the US!}

For sheer size and presence, you can not beat the largest barrel in the United States! Fifty feet high and seventy five feet long, it dwarfs everythiing else on the field.

{Crown Bols}

We also have two GKPI Crown Bols, these 28 foot diameter ground bouncers are crowd favorites.

We also have a variety of other large kites to round out the show. Check some of these out in the Photo Gallery

Last Updated: 08/04/01
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