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Sparling Kites Festival Updates


Hi! I am not going to do a weekly update like another well known big kite flier, but I will be doing updates after attending festivals. I am also posting updates for a few festivals that I attended earlier this year. I make no claim to be as articulate as David Gomberg, so if updates on festivals are of interest to you, check out his on Gombergkites.com.

2005 Wildwoods International Kite Festival
2005 Great Lakes Kite Festival
2005 Mayor Daley's Kids and Kites
2005 White Sox Demo
2005 Kites Over Lake Storey
2005 Weymouth Beach International Kite Festival
2005 Perry Farm Kite Festival
2005 Mt Prospect Earth Day Kite Fly
2005 Northeast DuPage Autism Spectrum Society Fly
2005 Color the Wind
2005 Kites Over The Bay
2005 Kites on Ice
2004 Rockaway Kite Festival
2004 Color the Wind
2004 Kites on Ice
2003 Carolina Kite Fest
2003 Soldier Field Rededication
2003 Fall Mayor Daley's Kids and Kites
2003 Marinette/Menominee United Way Kite Fly
2003 Rockaways Kite Festival
2003 Flying Colors
2003 Wisconsin Kiters Club Fly
2003 Kites Over Quincy
2003 Berkeley International Kite Festival
2003 Wright Kite Festival
2003 Mackinaw City Kite Festival

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