Weymouth Beach International Kite Festival
April 30 - May 2, 2005



This is a GREAT festival! Oh, sorry, very sorry. It was brilliant, simply brilliant. This will be a fairly short update as somehow, I just did not take as many pictures as I should. Sorry.

Saturday had been a free fly day with little wind, a chance to explore a bit. Sunday the first structured day of the festival started out a bit foggy.

A handfull of die hards got some light wind stuff in the air such as this Sam Huston no sew Genki.

At this point the fog burned off and I got busy. I joined Pete Dolphin and Phil Broder flying in the arena and then managed to get the Trilobite and the Devil in the air.

My favorite kite of the festival was this Spanish creation. I am still looking for my notes with the flyers name. It is not fully inflated here.

Kevin Sanders of Australia was another of the invited guests.

The winds dropped off towards the end of the day making it easier to pack up. Some of the local fliers actually had their Manta Ray out over the water. They were lucky, only the tail got a bit wet.

This was a wonderful festival that these few pictures do not do justice too. The bottom line is that I was too busy enjoying myself and meeting new people to take pictures.

I can not close out this update without saying a BIG thank you to Doug Jones. He came out to Heathrow and lead me on a tour of London on Tuesday. This saved me from being trapped at Heathrow for seven and a half hours. Doug, you can not know how grateful I am. You saved the end of this trip!

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