Kites Over Lake Storey
May 7, 2005



I was not sure if I would be able to attend this festival as I did not know how tired I would be after returning from the festival in Weymouth, England.

Driving in for a few hours to fly and get my gear straightened out after returning from overseas resulted in a very pleasant day.

However, Mike Delfar did not have as good of a day....

I must admit that I had never seen a kite actually on fire after it shorted out power lines and yes, that is what happens to a fiberglass spar after it gets fried in an electrical arc. To be absolutely fair, I heard that this was Mr Delfar's kite, but I could not prove it. Which may be just as well as I understand that power was out for four hours in two subdivisions and the local mall. I do know that it was his kite hanging from the light post.

Heidi Rymaszewski spent the day flying either a mini ocopus or a nice looking Genki.

Bob Rymaszewski's gecko gets friendly with my Octopus.

There was a good turnout for this festival including Bob and Heidi Rymaszewski, George and Ann Smistra, Jeff Hale, Barbara Walker and Tony Killup flying big kites. As usual, I did not stray too far from my kites, so the pictures are limited to my immediate area.

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