White Sox Demo
May 13, 2005



A few crazy people went out to Cellular One Field to do a demo before a Chicago White Sox game. Dave Zavell of Kite Harbor had put this little extravaganza together. The expression on his face should tell you everything you need to know about how the demo went.

Dave had told me that there was space to fly, what he did not tell me that it was between the TV trucks and an electrical transformer.

But it was not a problem, as there was no wind to get us into trouble.

There was a brief puff of wind, we got a pilot kite up and decided to try the Blue Meenie. By the time we were set up, the wind was gone.

The crew for the demo attempt was Myself, Dave Zavell, Harry Larsen, and Ed Brunt

Joe Jacques and Mauricio Araujo manned a windless garden on the other side of the stadium.

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