Perry Farm Kite Fest
April 23 - 24, 2005



Mother Nature has a twisted sense of humor. Last weekend it was in the 80s. This weekend it snowed, not much, but it was snow.

However, I think Greg went just a little overboard.

With measured winds near 20 mph at our end of the field, I took a deep breath and launched the Octopus as it does the best of the big kites in high winds. Sam Huston put up a couple of arches and a variety of other kites. Bob Rymaszewski was flying the mid size Gecko and a small FlowForm. The dump truck was intended to anchor my Giant Barrel, but the winds were too high all weekend for us to safely launch it.

Sam and Anne Huston were here all of the way from the State of Washington. Charlie Sotich, the master of miniture kites, did kid's kitemaking for both days. And Paul Fieber, our AKA Regional Director made an appearance.

Sam Huston put up the beautiful foil on Sunday. It broke free, nut luckily was returned with tangled bridles being the worst damage.

On Sunday, there was too much wind for the big kites. Bob Rymaszewski put up banners, but soon had to take them down as the were being folded over to the ground. Either there was something interesting on the other side of the field or they were going over thier routine.

It was nice to meet Mike Kory. Mimi the blow fish is only his second sewing project, I expect to see some great stuff from Mike in the future. Mimi went for a little stroll in the high winds. I was impressed, Mike can really run.

Eric Wolff brought a small top to play with in between sport kite competions. Bob and David Zavell (Kite Harbor) sold kites from a tent and I was presented with a new hat. It seems to me I look a little bedraggled by the end of the weekend.

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