Mayor Daley's Kids and Kites
Mr Sushi's Wild Ride
May 14, 2005



I have been to quite a few of Mayor Daley's kite flys which happen in the Spring and Fall of each year. This was one of the best. Lots of kite fliers, a beautiful day and good friends.

The Gecko was one of the first kites in the sky. It flew until about one in the afternoon when the winds got a little too turbulant for it.

I replaced it with the Octopus, which did well for a couple of hours. This is one of the few kites that I have named. It got its name one low wind day when I told it "Fly or you are Sushi!". It's name has been Sushi every since. Here it is joined by Bob R's Sky Foil.

And then the winds got really crazy. I waited a little too long to bring Octopus down. I got lucky in that I just got dragged a bit and did not get hurt. It then took five of us to get it safely on the ground. Sushi had one heck of a wild ride today.

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