Kites On Ice
February 19, 2005



Larry Day continues to put a great festival together. This is just a small piece of a very crowded sky. There were kites in the air from Larry, Bob Rymaszewski, Mike Gee, Barbara Meyer and many others. Photo by Alex Meyer

Here is the obligatory photo of my new Gecko. It appears that the Trilibite was having problems when the photo was taken. Photo by Alex Meyer

Here we see another shot of the Gecko (Hey, it was expensive. I need to get a lot of mileage out of it.) and Larry Day's Manta Ray

Barbara Meyer has been creating quite a stir with her "Ladies". She did an extended TV interview on the subject. Photo by Alex Meyer

I was glad to get some flying time in on my 20 foot plane.

Mike Gee spent most of his day tending crowns and Don Murphy's Spikey Balls. Somehow that does not sound good. Photo by Alex Meyer.

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