Kites On Ice
February 7 - 8, 2004



Another year, another great event, and David Gomberg in yet another stupid hat. This was the first year at a new location for Kites on Ice and we had one good day and one where the wind was as turbulent as I have ever flown in. I missed Friday, the first day of the event, due to work, but I understand that it was another good day.

There was a large contingent of big kite fliers at our end of the lake, including: David and Susan Gomberg, Mike Agner, Gary Engvall, Bob and Heidi Rymaszewski, Greg and Carrie Rasberry, Toby Schlick and myself. There were four Octopi in the air, the three seen above (Mike's, David's and mine) and Gary Envall's seen below. We also see Mike's Manta Ray along with my Trilobite and Octopus.

A note to announcers, Gary's Octopus has aqua eyes, mine has yellow. In a turnabout from the normal, Gary's Octopus was attributed to me. I was not properly upset as my kites are often attributed to someone else and it was nice to be on the receiving end. But again, aqua eyes on the octopus and green tails on the Trilobite.

On the right in addition to previously mentioned kites, you see Bob and Heidi's Penguin and Manta Ray.

There were two of the new Devil's at the event: Greg Rasberry's on the left, and my brand new one on the right. I guess mine is blue since we did not realize that his tail was stuffed up his rear end until we were packing him up!

And in closing, we see that Susan Gomberg will go the extra mile for a photo. Susan, it is COLD out there, get up out of the snow!

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