Color The Wind
February 21 2004



This was the third year that I have participated in Clear Lake, Iowa's Color the Wind Kite Festival. Each year, Larry and Kay Day, the festivals organizers have made the event better. This year was no exception.

This year we flew the big kites in front of the sea wall, right in the center of downtown Clear Lake. I was joined by Heidi and Bob Rymaszewski, Mike Gee, Craig Christensen, Barbara and Alex Meyer and Larry himself. I am happy to report that we put on the best show yet at this festival.

We all helped a bit, a mighty little bit for myself, but Mike Gee did the lion's share of keeping these four Crowns in the air! (video)

The Crowns made perfect frames for Bob's Cat and my Trilobite.

Mike Gee also had a couple of other ground pieces as well as a wonderful foil overhead.

Festival organizer Larry Day flew his new 252 with American Flag Streamers

Barbara and Alex Meyer kept her wonderful creations in the air all day.

I was flying my new Blue Devil (video) , the Trilobite (video)
and the Octopus. Larry Day was flying his mid size octopus on the other side of mine, as Bob was flying his Manta Ray. The excuse is that I don't leave my kites, but positioned where I was, the perspective made my kites look even bigger. Unfortunately, most of the crowd was on land so their kites got the advantage.

Late in the day it looked like we had lost Heidi, not a good thing with the Devil hovering around. However, after an emergency infusion of coffee, Heidi came back to life and gave me a big thumbs up. At least I HOPE that is a THUMB.

After a long day on the ice, we retired to David and Twila Okerlund's renovated barn for pizza and good fellowship.

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