Wright Kite Festival
June 13-15, 2003



It was hot, at least to us Yankees. However, the locals turned out in force for the Centennial of Flight version of the Wright Kite Fest. I guess it was just hot to us Northern wimps.

There was some serious kitemaking going on indoors, and the kids had a great time flying what they had made.

There was a large contingent of big kite fliers, unfortunately the wind did not cooperate. We all spent three days trying to keep big kites in the air, and in the end failed.

However, there was a real bright spot for me, that is my Trilobite flying over David's Cat and Bear on the ground. Of course the Trilobite was back on the ground in a couple of minutes, but I had to take advantage while I could.

There were parties every night, and gracious hospitality all of the time, but the big kite fliers were all frustrated. We had come to put on a show and we just could not do it without wind.

Jim Martin is seen here taking a picture of me, taking a picture of him and the WACKOS arch being attacked by the Trilobite. The heat does not seem to bother him, I guess we are back to being Northern wimps.

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