Wisconsin Kiters Club Fly
August 9, 2003



I had been invited to fly with the Wisconsin Kiters at one of their club flys. It seems that even though I am no longer the AKA Region Six Director, they still put up with me.

Although I had packed a couple of big kites, it was my intention to fly smaller kites this weekend.

The kite that was presented to me upon my retirement from AKA Region Six Directorship flew beautifully. Every time I fly it I marvel at the craftmanship and beauty of this kite.

I also flew a Dragon Headed Centipede that I had purchased on my trip to China this spring. With 108 different hand painted disks and rare teardrop shaped eyes, it stands out from other centipedes. This was its first flight and it looks to need only minor tweaking.

I was not the only person out there flying a new kite. Bob R was putting his new midsized Manta Ray through its paces.

I finally did break out the Octopus as did Greg Rasberry.

Banner Mills

One last thing I have to mention. Mike Delfar put up a wonderful display of bannermills that stopped traffic.

On my way home I got a call from David Gomberg that he had dumped a full size Peter Lynn Octopus into the Atlantic Ocean. I guess a light wind day was not so bad.

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