Marinette / Menominee United Way Kite Fly
September 6, 2003



I joined the Wisconsin Kiters to fly at the Marinette / Menominee United Way Kite Fly in Marinette, WI. I had driven up to the Green Bay area to visit friends the night before, so I was able to get to the field early.

For someone from the Chicago area, solitude like this is hard come by.

After strolling around the park, I launched the Trilobite. I don't think the seagulls had ever seen anything like it.

The Wisconsin Kiters did a LOT of kids kite making throughout the day. Two hundred and sixty one kites to be exact.

Kids flying

The young kitemakers obviously enjoyed the results

Bob and Heidi Rymaszewski brought out their Gekos and Manta Ray to play. We were joined by Barbara Wagner from Sheboygan with her Manta Ray. It all added up to a big display.


The only problem with Bob and Heidi is that they are very neat, it just shows how messy I am.

I always though that kite fishing had something to do with getting your line way out there, not fishing for kites.

However, as the afternoon wore on the wind picked up and the big kites flattened out in the wind.

And now I have to ask: Just what has gotten into Paul Fieber, our AKA Regional Director?

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