Soldier Field Rededication
September 27, 2003



Trilo and Stadium

Dave Zavell from Kite Harbor asked me to join him and a handful of others,(Alton Blake, John Krupka, Mike Lefever and Ed Brunt), to fly at the Soldier Field Rededication on the Chicago lakefront. We flew on the sledding hill outside of the stadium.

Golden Knights

Along with the speeches from the politicians, we were treated to a sky diving exhibition by the Army's Golden Knights.

Missing Man

And there was a fly by in the missing man formation to honor those service men who did not come back.

sport kite

The sport kite fliers were challanged by variable winds and a small field.

Treed Kite

At times, they paid the price. Dave Zavell did not want me to identify this as his kite, so I won't.

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