Mackinaw City Kite Festival
June 20-21, 2003



I was halfway through the long drive up to Mackinaw City and I was thinking, "What in the HECK am I doing?" This was my fifth weekend in a row and I was tired! But I had promised and I was going to fly big kites come what may.

I am very glad that I continued on. It turned out to be a wonderful, low stress weekend with good friends.

The field is small, but we packed in a lot of kites. I was joined by Darryl Waters, Sam and Ann Ritter and the crew from Mackinaw Kite and Toy.

The Ritters flew a large FlowForm with many small spinsocks as line laundry, as well as a magnificent Jordon Air Form with VERY long tails. Darryl flew a Ghost delta, a Flowform, a Dragon head centipede and a variety of smaller kites.

We were also joined by the sport kite team 361 Blackout. We traded off pulling down the single line kites to let them fly and then they landed and let us fly. As I was not planning this page at the time, I don't have any pictures.

Sam flew both his big Rev stack and two single revs at the same time in close to my big kites, a recipe for disaster with most other fliers. But with with Sam I just told him that he had to fix the bridles if he cut them, but there never was any risk of that. If you are not Sam or Lee, please don't try this with my kites, I will flip out.

I tried stacking the Trilobite under the Octopus, it worked well for a while, then things started to tangle. I have since figured out how to do this without tangling, at least I think so. Only time will tell.

And, of course, Sam came over to fly his stack near mine, his was more stable.

Sam also visited Darryl's Ghost Delta.

Small fields, too many big kites, it should have been a mess. Instead it was one of the best festivals that I have been to in a long time. No stress, good friends, and a place to fly. This festival made me remember the really important aspects of kiting. Oh, and lots of watermelon.

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