Kites Over Quincy
August 2-3, 2003



This was my first time at Kites over Quincy and I was concerned about the field conditions after what I had heard about last year. I need not have been worried, the field conditions were perfect. The organizers had spent what must have been days getting all of the stubble out of the field.

Unfortunately, they had spent all of their time working on the field, and not enough getting the proper order in for wind. Jeff Friend had asked me to bring my Giant Barrel, we managed to get it inflated for about ten seconds on Saturday and ten minutes on Sunday.

You had to look quick, there was just not enough wind for the Barrel most of the weekend.

For those of you with high speed access or a lot of time on your hands, click to see a 1.6 MB movie of the Barrel sort of flying

David used a Gator to tow a yellow Octopus around for a few minutes on Saturday. Then he turned it off and could not get it going again.

Giant Barrel

The event helped us out by sending the Hay Wagon to get us and our gear back to the parking area.

Great fields, great people, great hospitality, but frustrating because we could not put on the show we had come to do. I do like to fly at least as long as it takes to pack up!

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