Flying Colors
August 16, 2003



Many thanks to Brad Klages from the Minnesota Kite Society who sponsored Charlie Sotich and myself at the Kite Society's premier event: Flying Colors. We got in late Friday afternoon and headed out to the field Saturday morning after I had spent the night dealing with food poisoning. Thanks to all of the people who helped me get through the day, but especially Alex, Twyla, Scott and Barbara Meyer and Bob and Heidi Rymaszewski. I would not have made it though the day without the generous help from these people.

We started out the day with breakfast for the flyers / volunteers. For once I was not first in a food line, the remnents of the previous night kept me from my normal position.

I started out the day trying to fly the Dragon Headed Centipede in light winds. It would fly briefly and come back down. I decided to put it away until later, later never came.

I put my Seven Sisters kite up for the Mass Ascension. As always it flew beautifully and drew a lot of attention.

Paul Fieber, our new AKA Regional Director was there. Here you see him flying a wonderful Star Kite he constructed at MAKR (Midwest Area Kitemakers Retreat)

Star Kite

The Meyer family did more than just help me, Barbara put up some of her award winning creations.

Bob and Heidi Rymaszewski brought thier Gekco and Manta Ray and Heidi learned the dirty truth about kiting

Bob, Heidi and I had a nice display flying, my kites with the aid of the Meyers.

Larry Day was flying at the other end of the field around a dogleg. Unfortunately we saw little of him.

On the way home when we stopped for gas, we found another benefit to driving all over the country to kite festivals. How else would you EVER see something like this?

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