Berkeley International Kite Festival
July 26-27 2003



It was with some trepidation that I arrived in Berkeley, the day before I arrived I found out that I was sharing a room with John Barrissi and oh, Moon may be coming as well. Sharing a room with a couple can be tricky, and tricky is not what you want when you get get back from a hard day of big kite flying. Well, Moon was there, but it was not tricky and at least from my perspective, things went well.

The field layout had changed from previous years and all of the big kites were now clustered in one area. Dave Hoggan, Joe Tait, Mike North and Dan Whitney joined David and Susan Gomberg and me on a single central field. While we had some trouble fitting everything in, we ended up with the biggest display of Peter Lynn pieces I have ever seen. Click to see a movie of Berkeley 2003

Kite Field

As always, the big kite fliers traveled light!

We had a slightly different show on Saturday and Sunday. This was Saturdays show

Dave Hoggan and his Manta Ray.

The big kite fliers as a group won Best of Show with the group of Octopus kites. The kite owners are as follows:
Top Row left to right: Mike North, Joe Tait, Al Sparling
Middle Row: Dan Whitney, Dave Hoggan
Bottom Row: Dave and Susan Gomberg, Midsize: Brian Champie

We ended the weekend with an awards cruise on the bay. Good food, good company,short speeches, quick awards and a silent aucton filled the evening. This was my third time on this cruise, and I still think that it is the best awards banquet of any festival that I have attended.

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