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Flying Conditions


Obviously, if you bring in someone to fly big kites, you want to see those kites in the air. Unfortunately, nature being what it is, there will be times where the wind just won't cooperate. If there is absolutely no wind, kites just plain won't fly. But, if there is a little wind we are prepared to go on with the show! Both the Ghost Delta and the Super Genki can fly in very light winds, The Ghost Delta with 33 foot long flowing tails and the Super Genki with 60 foot snake tails can put a substantial presence in the sky, even on light wind days. We can also use locally provided golf carts to tow the big kites around.

On the flip side, on truly high wind days it is just too difficult and dangerous to fly big kites. However, by using a kite designed to take higher winds, we can extend our high end flyable wind speed. In higher winds we fly a 75 square foot Bulldog foil which lifts a 45 foot long spin sock. Again, although not as large as the Peter Lynn kites, we can still put on a show to help draw people into your event.

Last Updated: 04/24/05
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